Open-End Spinning


Open-End Spinning The term open-end spinning has frequently been used as a synonym for all new methods of making yarn. This is incorrect, and open-end should be applied only to systems where a break occurs in the fiber system. Break spinning and open – end spinning is synonymous.

The essential steps in open – end spinning include the following. A coarse sliver of fibers is fed to and opening system which opens the sliver to the point where the fibers are individual entities. The individual fibers are fed forward and then are collected together on a small surface and pulled from the surface as a thin layer constantly adding to the open end or tail of the forming yarn. The thin layer is attenuated, twist is inserted, and the resulting yarn is wound onto bobbins. Two methods of open – end or break spinning are in use: rotor spinning and fluid or air or vortex systems.

Rotor spinning involves the contact of fibers in or on rotating devices such as funnels, cones, sieves, or needled surfaces. A sliver of fibers is fed into the unit, a current of air forces the fibers into a loose form, and they are collected on the rotating device. As they are collected, they are pulled off the rotor by mechanical means to form the yarn, and the new yarn is wound onto packages. Twist is inserted as the yarn is removed from the rotor.


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