Warping process


Warping is the first process of weaving, and it is also the basis for good sizing and weaving. With the improvement of manufacturing equipment and technology, the requirements for weaving spindle are becoming higher and higher

1. task of warping:
According to the regulations of process design, a certain number and length of warp yarns are removed from the winding bobbin. Draw out to form a yarn sheet, so that the warp yarn has uniform tension and is closely wound in parallel with each other. On the warping axis, make preliminary preparations for forming the weaving axis.

2. Warping requirements:

(1) Even tension. During warping, the warp must have appropriate tension, while maintaining the elasticity and tension of the warp as much as possible. In the warping process, the tension of the full width warp should be as uniform as possible.

(2) The yarns are evenly arranged. The warp arrangement and winding density on the warp shaft shall be uniform (referring to the transverse and inner and outer layers of the warp shaft), and the surface of the warp shaft shall be straight without unevenness.

(3) The winding density is uniform. The number of warps, length or color warp arrangement cycle must comply with the provisions of the weaving process design.

(4) The warping machine shall have high production efficiency and less wire return


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