How to create fancy yarn


Fancy yarnsare those in which some deliberate decorative discontinuity or interruption is introduced, of either color or form, or of both color and form. This discontinuity is incorporated with the intention of producing an enhanced. This definition therefore excludes from our consideration those yarns whose appearance and characteristics are designed for inclusion in technical textiles.

A fancy yarn is almost invariably complex in construction, with the natural result that the application of these more time-consuming or complex manufacturing processes makes the yarn more expensive than a plain yarn would be. It may contain many different components, filament or staple, natural or synthetic. The most luxurious yarns involve the 'noble' fiber such as cashmere, mohair, angora, or other more expensive natural fiber such as linen or silk.

Most fancy yarns are produced by specialist fancy spinners, using machines modified or developed for the purpose. Others are produced fromfancy slivers” which are used as minor components in yarns made by spinners  using normal equipment.. Still others are made exclusively from continuous filament, using adaptations or extensions of the airjet texturing process.

The constructional complexities are most often introduced by employing a complex drafting and delivery system that provides for a choice of several different paths for the feedstock to take from the creel on which the component yarns are arranged to the spinning head where they are combined to create the fancy yarn.


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