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Product Description

Drawn textured yarn is a polyester yarn that has been physically deformed or chemically modified and has high added value and special functions. Recycled polyester is polyester fiber regenerated from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials recovered from waste polyester bottle flakes, waste clothing, etc.

Specifically, during the manufacturing process of textured yarn, the shape, cross-sectional shape or structure of the fiber can be changed to increase the elasticity, bulkiness, softness and other effects of the yarn. Recycled polyester is recycled PET material such as waste polyester bottle flakes and waste clothing, which undergoes a series of processes, such as crushing, cleaning, drying, melt extrusion, spinning, winding, bundling, drafting, curling and other steps. , made into recycled polyester fiber.

Recycled polyester material, is a new type of recycled fabrics, the yarn is made from the waste of mineral water bottle and a coke bottle, also known as the coke bottle green cloth(RPET fabric). This product because it is the reuse of waste, so in foreign countries especially the developed countries in Europe and America is very popular, widely used in mountaineering bags, handbags, bags lining, bags, socks, fashion bags,Shirts, children's wear, antibacterial maternity clothes, windbreaker, casual wear for men and women, down(cold), work clothes uniforms, antibacterial personal baby clothing, gloves, scarves, towels, bath towel, lockers, beach shorts, swimwear, sleepwear, sportswear, pocket, gift bags, jackets, bags, shopping bags, blankets, hats,shoes,bags,umbrellas, curtain and so on.

Product Specification


Recycled polyester FDY/DTY filament yarn

Raw Material

PET chips and color masterbatches

Dope dyed black or raw white
Semi dull, Full dull
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and ISO9001
Flat or round
For weaving pattern and knitting
1 kilogram
Payment Term

By T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal 

or we can negotiate by both of our side

Every cone(1.4kgs) packaging with plastic and around 12 cones in one carton, around 500 cartons a 20ft container
Delivery Time
Around 15-20 days after confirming the order
Type of Shipping
By ship or air or express



Related Product

Yarn Count/Daniel/Luster/Twist/Colors

Specifications Can Be Customized

Yarn Style


Twisted Yarn



Raw White /Black



Raw White
Provide Twisting Service as Customer Needed: From 50D~5000D/80TPM~1000TPM


Polyester Yarn


0 TPM-800TPM

Raw White /Black


0 TPM-120TPM

Provide Twisting Service as Customer Needed: 80TPM~1000TPM


Label Yarn



Raw White /Black/Optical White



Optical White /Black
Provide Warping Service to Warp on the Beam
Functional polyester yarn

Flame retardant   FDY:



Flame retardant   DTY:



UV resistant    DTY:


Production Process

Raw material preparation:Mix and stir raw materials such as PET and PBT to form a uniform mixture for the next step of polymerization.

Polymerization: Through the reaction of high temperature and high pressure, the raw material molecules are polymerized to form a polymer. Polymerization generally adopts a continuous reaction method, that is, the liquid polymer that has been partially polymerized in advance is added to the feeder, and monomers are continuously added to maintain the reaction at a certain temperature and pressure until the end of the reaction.

Filtration, purification, dehydration and other processes.

Spinning: After the polymer is heated to a semi-melted state, it is evenly drawn into filaments through the nozzle holes, and is stretched during the drawing process to achieve a stretching ratio of more than 1,500 times.

Twist: The fibers are twisted according to a certain degree of twist and twist to form a suitable yarn.

drawn textured yarn dty manufacturer process

drawn textured yarn dty specifications

Characteristics of drawn textured yarn dty recycle polyester yarn

The main characteristics of drawn textured yarn include high strength, high elasticity, good heat resistance and good thermoplasticity. Specifically, the deformed yarn has very high strength and can withstand large tensile forces. At the same time, it has good elasticity and can adapt to changes in human body movements. In addition, the textured yarn also has good heat resistance and thermoplasticity, and can maintain its shape at high temperatures, so it is very suitable for making bedding, clothing and other products that require stretch and heat resistance.

The characteristics of recycled polyester include high strength, good light resistance, and good elasticity. Specifically, recycled polyester has very high strength and toughness and can withstand greater pressure and tension. At the same time, recycled polyester also has very good light resistance and can be used in the sun for a long time without being easily discolored or damaged. In addition, recycled polyester is also very elastic and can adapt to changes in human body movements, so it is very suitable for making bedding, clothing and other products that require stretch and elasticity.

It should be noted that since recycled polyester is made from recycled waste materials, there may be some impurities and defects that affect its quality and effectiveness. Therefore, when using recycled polyester, you need to pay attention to choosing good quality products and carrying out adequate cleaning and processing.

drawn textured yarn dty manufacturer application

Our Advantages

1. We are a yarn manufacturer with more than 35 years experience.

2. We have more than 400 sets of different machines. Like POY spinning equipment, texturing machine, drawing machine, twisting machine, warping machine and so on. Among them, we have about two hundred twisters.

3. We can produce twenty tons of yarn per day.

4. Our products passed the ISO9001quality system and Oeko-tex Standard 100 ecological textile certification.

5. We produce high quality yarns.

About Sinrylion

recycled polyester manufacturers

Jinjiang Xinglilai Group Co Ltd was founded in March 1983. The group's total registered capital is 50 million RMB. The headquarters is located in wuli industrial area in Jinjiang. After 30years of development ,it has branch companies as follow, Jinjiang Xinglilai Yarns Co Ltd, Dongguan Xinglilai Warp&weft Yarns Co Ltd,Quanzhou Xinxingliali Fibre&testile Co Ltd and Changsheng Fibre Industy Trading Co Ltd in vietnam.Our partners have throughout Fujian,Guangdong,zhejiang area, hongkong,europe, southeast asia and other regions. Established a good reputation and won wide praise from customers. At the same time, the company relies on huge production development and large scale, combined with advanced technology and equipment, which established the foundation on the spinning market.We produce many kinds of the raw material yarns ,such as polyester yarn, recycled yarn, diamond yarn, nylon monofilament yarn, blended yarn and so on. They can be used for labeling, weaving, knitting and ribbon.The company has more than 400 sets of different machines. Like POY spinning equipment, texturing machine, drawing machine, twisting machine, warping machine and so on. Have own R&D center and test center. Annual output high-grade polyester yarn more than 2000 tons , more than 8000 tons of ordinary yarn. The company produce more than 1000 kinds of color bright polyester yarn. Our Products passed the ISO9001 quality system and Oeko-tex Standard 100 ecological textile certification,provide various specification stability color yarn.

Sinrylion Exhibition Certificates and Partners

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Q1. Can you provide free sample?

A: Yes, we can offer free sample, but customer need to pay for the postage fee.

Q2. Do you accept a small order?

A: Yes, we do. We can arrange special for you, price depends on quantity of your order.

Q3. Can you make color as customer request?

A: Yes, if our running color can not meet customer request, we can make color as customer's color sample or Panton No..

Q4. Do you have test report?

A: Yes, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 test report available.

Q5. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are yarn manufacturer with more than thirty five years of production experience.

Q6. What is your minimum quantity?

A: Our MOQ is 1 kilogram. For some special specifications, the MOQ will be higher.

Q7. What are your main products?

A: We produce many kinds of the yarns, such as label yarn, polyester twisted yarn, nylon twisted yarn, recycled yarn, diamond yarn, monofilament yarn, blended yarn,fancy yarn, es fiber and so on.

Q8. How do you pack your products?

A: Every cone yarn packaging with plastic bag and 12 cones in one 48cm*34cm*36cm carton. For a 20 ft container, we can put in about 9 tons yarn.

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