Different Types of Fabric and Their Uses(3)


If I ask you how many types of fabric in this world? You can hardly say about 10 or 12 types. But you will be amazed if I say that there are 200+ types of fabric in this world. Different types of fabric has different type of uses. Some of them are new and some of them are age old fabric.

Different Types of Fabric and Their Uses:

In this article we will know about 5 types of fabric and their uses-

11. Tartan fabric: Woven fabric. It was originally made from woven wool but now they are made from many materials. It is suitable for wearable cloth and other fashion items.

Tartan fabric
Fig: Tartan fabric

12. Sateen fabric: Woven fabric made with spun yarns. It is used for clothing and decorative purpose.

Sateen fabric
Fig: Sateen fabric

13. Shantung fabric: Woven fabric made of silk or fibre similar to silk. Uses are bridal gowns, dresses etc.

Shantung fabric
Fig: Shantung fabric

14. Sheeting fabric: Woven fabric which can be made of 100% cotton or blend of polyester and cotton. It is primarily used for bed covering.

Sheeting fabric
Fig: Sheeting fabric

15. Silver knit fabric: It is a knitted fabric. It made of special circular knitting machines. Widely use for making jackets and coats.

Silver knit fabric
Fig: Silver knit fabric


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