High Bulk Yarns


Bulk Yarns:
These are thick, soft yarns that stretch.

- High Bulk:
These are crimped staple fibers, usually made of pure acrylic or acrylic blended with other fibers and spun with a slack twist. Also, it may be blended using fibers that have been stretched and then relaxed. When these yarns are dyed, the stretch fibers relax, causing the relaxed fibers to crimp and curl. This process results in a thick, lightweight and soft yarn. These yarns have air pockets, so they trap air and absorb water, making them suitable for blouses, sweaters, etc.

Bulked Yarn


Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of nylon and polyester fancy yarns,

such as feather yarns,tape yarns,toothbrush yarns,lantern yarns,ladder yarns,etc.

Trustworthy brand,Professional production of high quality fancy yarn.