What are the main points of equipment management and use before weaving?


What are the main points of equipment management and use before weaving?

The performance of the equipment before weaving and the quality and management of the equipment are very important and important for the water jet weaving project. In order to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, it is necessary to attach great importance to the management and use of equipment. The following work points must be done:

(1) First of all, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, the pre-prepared equipment management system regulations and equipment maintenance and repair plans shall be formulated and implemented in accordance with the implementation.

(2) It is necessary to pay attention to and strengthen the daily refueling and lubrication work of various equipments. Lubrication is an extremely important component and key link in equipment maintenance, and a daily maintenance record is made.

(3) The hygiene cleaning work of each machine must be done well, and it should be scrubbed and cleaned frequently. And in the scrubbing and cleaning, timely discovery of equipment problems.

(4) When the machine is shut down for a long time, the machine should be cleaned and cleaned, and the oil should be added. All parts of the rotating, sliding and transmission parts should be lubricated to prevent rust and damage, and covered with a cloth cover to ensure It can be turned on at any time.

(5) Avoid moisture in the wire and cable trenches, and do not have water soaking. It is also not convenient to use a channel for steam pipes. Because the temperature and humidity are too high or too low, it will accelerate the aging of plastics and rubber, reduce the insulation level of wires and cables, and easily lead to equipment, electrical accidents or personal accidents.

(6) Warping creel tensioners and thread guides, godet rollers and bundling plates, and front squats (retractable squats) should be cleaned regularly or frequently to avoid oil, dust and hairiness. Monofilament tension affects the quality of the warp beam.

(7) The surface of the guide roller, sizing roller and cylinder (drying cylinder) of each machine should be taken care of and maintained to avoid collision and should be cleaned frequently. If it is tangled, it should be cleaned up in time and keep the surface smooth. The tangled wire must not be cut with a sharp tool such as a knife, a scissors or a hook to avoid scratches, grooves and the like from affecting normal use. It is best to use your fingers to gently pick up the mess, then cut it with a yarn cut or use a 1000# water sandpaper to polish it gently, then use your hand to remove it.

(8) The static eliminator (rod) of each machine should be cleaned regularly. Use air compressor air or brush to clean the discharge needle twice a month. But be careful not to touch the discharge needle to avoid affecting the effect.

(9) There should be no water or too much moisture in the air exhaust duct (underground part) of the pulping machine oven. Keep it dry, otherwise it will corrode the air duct and accelerate the air duct damage.

(10) The hot air circulation duct and the filter net cover in the pulping machine oven should be cleaned frequently and kept clean and the hot air circulation is smooth, otherwise the oven ventilation cycle and heat dissipation efficiency will be affected, which directly affects the drying effect. The general situation is to clean once every two months, preferably once a month.

(11) When the pulping machine is stopped for a long time or for a long time, the rubber roller in front of the pressure roller and the sizing part must be lifted up, and the roller below is removed. Otherwise, the pressure is easily deformed, affecting the use effect, resulting in uneven sizing, etc. .

(12) Always check whether there are any waste wires or dust and debris on the end face mesh cover and fan blades of each machine. It should be cleaned in time to keep the motor heat and normal operation. The end face mesh cover of the magnetic powder clutch of the shaft machine should also be cleaned frequently to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect and causing damage to the magnetic powder clutch.


(13) Lubricate the shaft part of each machine. Do not apply butter (lubricating ester) to avoid dust and debris, and get stuck or wear the spindle.


(14) The carbon brushes used in each motor should be replaced frequently to ensure the normal operation of the motor.


(15) Always check the air compressor and pneumatic control, and discharge the gas every day. Always check the air filter valve, pressure reducing valve and air compressor gas storage tank, etc., to keep the gas path unblocked and ensure normal production.


(16) Always check the rubber rollers on each machine. When it is found that the deformation and wear are serious, it should be calibrated, ground and re-coated to ensure normal use and ensure product quality.


(17) The sizing part of the pulping machine, including the mixing drum, the slurry storage tank, the slurry tank, the sizing roller and the slurry pipeline, should also be cleaned frequently. It is best to rinse and scrub this part with hot alkaline water. To ensure normal use, to ensure the quality of sizing.


(18) Regularly check and observe the working conditions of each transmission belt and chain of each machine. The loose ones should be tightened and the damaged ones should be replaced.


(19) All kinds of straight trusses and telescopic box pieces that have been replaced or spared should be cleaned, refurbished, oiled and maintained, and replaced at any time.


(20) Insist on the inspection system of the country on a regular or regular basis, and “listen, smell, and watch”. Listen---Is there any abnormal noise, smell---Is there any smell, see---is there an abnormality? If problems are found, effective measures should be taken in time to ensure the safety of people and equipment.


(21) According to the structure and performance of the equipment, formulate the operating regulations of each machine or the relevant provisions of the equipment, and carry out post training for the operators, improve their operational level and technical quality, educate them to take care of the equipment, and guide them to master and correct. Use the device and ask them to find device problems and report them immediately.


Although the manufacturers and models of the pre-weaving equipment are different, the performance is different, but the basic principles of the equipment are the same, and the basic structure is similar, so the requirements for equipment management and use should be the same. As long as the above work is done well, the pre-prepared equipment can operate normally, and it can play its role. The quality of the product can be guaranteed, and the water jet loom can fully utilize the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and high quality.

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