What is a fabric three-stage sample? What is a raw material three-stage sample?


What is a fabric three-stage sample? What is a raw material three-stage sample?

Fabric design should not only be familiar with the knowledge of raw material properties, organizational structure and production technology, but also must clearly define the application requirements of the designed fabric, and should consider the possibility of production equipment, production technology and raw material resources, and achieve consumption, design and production. Combine. Therefore, the product can achieve high quality and can be favored by consumers. For the weaving factory, the fabric three-stage sample is a work that cannot be ignored.

The so-called fabric three-stage sample: short for the head sample, the head sample and the small batch sample.

The first-class sample of the fabric: the head sample, after the completion of the transfer of the looms, the fabric visual inspection basically meets the requirements of the sample during the normal start-up production, that is, the fabric is cut 0.5-1 m, and the test is carried out. To see if it meets the design requirements.

The second sample of the fabric: the head sample, after the weaving machine has been woven, the head is cut 1m, and the test is carried out to see if it meets the design requirements, and the first and second grades are met. The problems reflected in the samples are appropriately corrected.

The three-stage sample of the fabric: that is, the small batch sample, after the fabric is put into production in a small amount, the product can basically meet the fabric specifications and the machine can operate normally in the production process of each process. After the operation efficiency of the equipment is reached, the fabric is optional 3- 5 samples were sent to the dyeing factory for batch samples. After the technical, quality supervision finished products, raw materials and production workshops were inspected, it was confirmed that the indicators met the expected requirements, that is, they could be put into operation normally.

Before the third-stage sample of the product, the physical properties and appearance quality of the raw materials should be tested first, that is, the raw materials should be tested for three-stage samples: the first-grade raw materials are sampled, and the physical and mechanical properties and appearance quality are checked. Fiber density, strength, elongation, color absorption, boiling water shrinkage, network residual torque, oil content, etc., as well as the unevenness CV value of its multiple indicators, and at the same time verify the appearance quality of the raw material wire, such as wool, rolls Winding, forming, oily silk, undrawn yarn, stiff wire tailings, etc.

Through testing, preliminary grasp of raw material performance data, lay the foundation for the formulation of production process parameters. The secondary samples of the raw materials are randomly sampled, and the yarn is directly sprayed and weaved on the water jet loom to test the woven fabric of the unwinding of the raw yarn, and the density uniformity and color absorption of the silk thread are observed. Uniformity, at the same time check whether the silk surface has rib file and other diseases.

The raw material three-stage sample is the raw material after the above two-stage sample, and the raw material quality information is preliminarily grasped, and the basis for the production process is laid. Then, according to the variety specifications, the simple warp is finished, and the first-axis small-woven shaft is first tested. Machine weaving, observing the warp of the warp beam and the quality of the silk, creating favorable conditions for the three-stage sample of the fabric.

Therefore, the raw material three-stage sample is the basis of the fabric three-stage sample, and is also an important measure to ensure product quality.

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