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Environmental standards of yarns with GRS (global recycled standard) certification

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Guidelines for environmental management


6.1 The certified company must have an environmental policy manual. This manual must contain:

Responsible person of the registered company; document procedure for minimizing and monitoring waste and emissions; procedures for registering the company in the event of a wastewater accident; in addition to water and energy conservation, Documentation of appropriate training in training to minimize the use of chemicals and the proper disposal of chemicals. And the manual must also include an improvement plan for the above issues.


6.2 The certified company must have a comprehensive archive of chemicals, energy, water consumption and wastewater treatment, including treatment of wastewater sediments.


6.3 Waste water that has not been treated with wastewater shall not be discharged. The following treatments are available:

- Wastewater treatment within the company - Wastewater treatment by local authorities


6.4 Waste water does not contain any additives and should be cooled to below 40 °C / 104 °F to discharge.


6.5 Wastewater with a pH less than 6 and greater than 9 shall be neutralized to a value between the above limits.