imitate mink hari yarn feather yarn and fancy yarn


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What is fancy yarn? 

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Special yarns, also known as fancy yarns, are yarns that have special structural and appearance effects obtained by processing fibers or yarns using special materials, special equipment or special techniques during the spinning and threading process. It is a kind of yarn that has a decoration effect in the yarn commodity. In recent years, at the World Yarn & Cloth Exhibition, special yarns and fabrics have been dazzling. Special yarn woven goods, which can be used as fabrics for coats, suits, outerwear, shirts and skirts; fancy yarn knitwear is widely used in the manufacture of knitted garments; in addition, fancy yarns are also used for weaving sweaters. Hats, scarves, ties, rugs, etc., as well as gauze release, curtain fabrics, bedding, high-grade wall materials, etc. Special yarns are also used in a wide variety of materials, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fibers, and trims. There are many different ways of producing special yarns, which can be combined to form new fancy yarn products. The first is divided into six categories, more than seventy.

What is feather yarn? 

Feather yarn: It is a fancy line that has emerged in the domestic market in the past three or four years. Its structure consists of core wire and trim wire, and the hair is placed in a certain direction. The technology is mainly composed of knitting and cut pile, which is "one needle and one knife". The core wire and the middle section which are formed into a single knitting are held by the core wire, and the ends are cut by a cutter to form a hairy yarn of a certain length, and the feather length is naturally erected, the gloss is good, and the hand feels soft. Because the hairiness is directional, the woven fabric is soft and soft, the fabric is full and very decorative, and the feather yarn is superior to other fluff yarns. It has good performance and warmth, and should be used in clothes, caps, scarves, socks and gloves.