What Is Feather Yarn?


On the crochet machine, the weft yarn is interwoven between two sets of warp yarns, and then the weft yarn between the two sets of warp yarns is cut off with a blade in the middle. The weft yarn stands upright on the warp yarn and becomes a feather yarn. The length of the feather depends on the length of the two sets of warp yarns. distance between. If the distance is larger, the feathers will be longer after cutting, otherwise the feathers will be shorter.

Feather yarn can be divided into large feather yarn and small feather yarn. The feather length of large feather yarn is greater than 10mm, and the feather length of small feather yarn is less than 10mm. The warp yarns used for feathers are mostly polyester or nylon filaments, and the weft yarns are mostly triangular polyester or nylon filaments with good luster, and lightweight viscose short fibers, which have good wear resistance and strong warmth retention.

Sinrylion is a Chinese feather yarn manufacturer that produces high-quality feather yarns that are widely used in clothing, hats, scarves, socks and gloves. The quality and performance of its raw materials must meet the requirements of knitting yarns. Decorative yarn is the main component of feather yarn and determines the sensory effect of the finished yarn.

Decorative thread fibers should have good luster, elasticity, and be able to stand naturally. The strength of decorative yarn should not be too high. It should be easy to trim to obtain a neat length of hair and not prone to hair loss. Generally speaking, filament is suitable; raw materials with the same heat shrinkage rate should be used for core wire decoration to prevent long and short hair, twist shrinkage and uneven uniformity caused by finishing and dyeing after yarn formation.

The number of core threads and decorative threads is related to the quantity of finished products and is also affected by the number of crochet hooks. In order for the core yarn to effectively fix the decorative yarn, the thickness of the decorative yarn should be 1-3 times that of the core yarn. As a core fiber, the surface of a single fiber is relatively smooth.

When cutting, the fiber slides easily at the knife edge and is not easy to cut, but it has good flexibility, bending resistance and tensile strength. Fibers suitable for decorative yarns must be easy to cut, have excellent optical properties and a large friction coefficient

This makes the fabric feel thick and durable. The suede surface of the suede fabric can remain plump and upright, with good fluffiness and luster.

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