What Are The Advantages of Polyester Twisting Yarn?


Polyester twisted yarn is a common and widely used textile raw material with many unique advantages. Due to its unique manufacturing process, this yarn has many excellent physical and mechanical properties, making it widely used in many fields. Sinrylion, an excellent polyester twisted yarn manufacturer, will discuss in depth the advantages of polyester twisted yarn.

Strength and wear resistance:

Polyester twisted yarn is known for its high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. This yarn is stronger than cotton and other natural fibers, making it ideal for making durable and long-lasting fabrics. Whether making clothing, home textiles or industrial materials, polyester twisted yarn offers outstanding durability.

Good wrinkle resistance:

Polyester twisted yarn has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, allowing the resulting fabric to stay flat during use and cleaning. Compared with other fibers, polyester twisted yarn is not easy to wrinkle and can keep clothes neat and beautiful.

Quick drying:

Polyester twisted yarn has excellent moisture absorption and quick drying properties. This makes sportswear and outdoor gear made from polyester twisted yarn ideal. Not only can it easily absorb sweat, but it can also be quickly discharged from the body surface to keep you dry and comfortable.

Lightweight and comfortable:

Due to its lightness, polyester twisted yarn makes the fabric feel soft, comfortable and has good breathability. The lightness of this yarn makes the clothing suitable for summer wear, giving people a feeling of comfort and coolness.

Easy to dye and print:

Polyester twisted yarn is easy to dye and print, not only has bright colors, but also has high color fastness. This allows designers and manufacturers to realize a variety of ideas and designs to produce colorful textiles.

Resistant to chemicals and sunlight:

Polyester twisted yarn offers excellent resistance to chemicals and sunlight. It is less susceptible to chemical attack and resists color fading and fiber damage caused by the sun. This property makes polyester twisted yarn the first choice for outdoor textiles, industrial uses and products with high durability requirements.

In practical applications, polyester twisted yarn is mainly used to make various textiles, such as clothing, bedding, curtains, etc. Due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, it can meet a variety of different usage needs and improve product quality and comfort.


Big twist polyester yarn has the advantages of strength, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, quick drying, lightness and comfort, easy dyeing and chemical resistance. These advantages make polyester twisted yarn widely used in the textile industry and has become a An indispensable and important raw material in many fields. Whether in apparel, home textiles or industrial materials, polyester twisted yarn meets the demand for high quality and durability. Choose Sinrylion big twist polyester yarn, and you will enjoy its unique charm and excellent performance.

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