Polyester Twisted Yarn: Technology and Development


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Polyester twisted yarn is a yarn made of polyester fiber through a twisting process. It has high strength, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance and other properties. It is widely used in textile, clothing, home furnishing and other fields. Sinrylion will introduce the production process, quality control and future development trends of polyester twisted yarn to help readers better understand this important textile.

Business background

Polyester twisted yarn has been produced and applied for many years. Its excellent performance and wide range of applications make it occupy an important position in the textile industry. At present, the production technology of polyester twisted yarn at home and abroad is quite mature, but there is still room for improvement in terms of quality, cost, and environmental protection. With the advancement of science and technology and the changing needs of consumers, the production and research and development of polyester twisted yarn are also constantly innovating and improving.

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Key technologies

Preparation process: The preparation process of polyester twisted yarn mainly includes the following steps: raw material preparation, spinning, twisting, post-processing, etc. Among them, spinning and twisting are key links in the preparation process, and process parameters need to be strictly controlled to ensure yarn quality and performance.

Twist control: Twist is a measure of the degree of twisting of the yarn, which directly affects the physical properties of the yarn and the feel of the fabric. In actual production, twist parameters need to be reasonably selected based on product requirements and equipment performance to ensure yarn quality and improve production efficiency.

Fiber selection: Polyester fiber has high strength, abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance, and is the main raw material for making polyester twisted yarn. When selecting polyester fiber, you need to consider its quality, specifications, price and other factors to meet production needs and reduce costs.

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Quality inspection: During the production process, yarn needs to be inspected for various aspects of quality, including appearance, structure, performance, etc. Appearance testing mainly includes yarn color, hairiness, impurities, etc.; structural testing includes yarn fineness, twist, fiber content, etc.; performance testing includes tensile strength, abrasion resistance, wrinkle resistance, etc. Through these detection methods, the quality of polyester twisted yarn can be effectively controlled.

Finished product acceptance: Finished product acceptance is an important step in ensuring the quality of polyester twisted yarn. During acceptance, strict acceptance standards and procedures need to be formulated to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the finished product. If there are substandard products, they should be reworked or scrapped to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements.

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Future outlook

With the continuous development of science and technology, the future development of polyester twisted yarn will pay more attention to high-quality, low-cost and environmentally friendly production. Here are some possible trends:

Research and development of new raw materials: In order to meet consumer demand for product performance and quality, the raw material research and development of polyester twisted yarn will pay more attention to functionality, environmental protection and sustainability in the future. For example, we are developing polyester fibers with antibacterial, antistatic, and UV-resistant functions, as well as polyester fibers made from renewable resources.

Application of new technologies: With the application of new technologies such as digitalization and intelligence, the production process of polyester twisted yarn will be further optimized and improved. For example, using robots and automated equipment to replace traditional manual operations can improve production efficiency and product quality; using intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve real-time monitoring and optimization of the production process can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Green production: With the increase in global environmental awareness, green production will become an important development direction for polyester twisted yarn in the future. By using environmentally friendly raw materials, reducing energy consumption and emissions during the production process, and using sustainable packaging materials, we can achieve green production of polyester twisted yarn.

Personalized customization: With the diversification of consumer demands, customized production of polyester twisted yarn will become a trend. By providing a variety of colors, specifications, functions and other choices, we can meet consumers' personalized needs for products. At the same time, customized production can also be carried out according to customers' special requirements to improve the added value and market competitiveness of products.

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