What Are The Advantages Of Polyester Drawn Textured Yarns?


Polyester Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) is a processed synthetic fiber that has many advantages. Sinrylion an excellent polyester DTY yarn manufacturer, will introduce the characteristics and advantages of polyester DTY.

1. High strength

The strength of polyester DTY yarn is higher than that of ordinary polyester fiber. This is because it is stretched and deformed during its production process, which makes the internal structure of the fiber closer and more neatly arranged. Therefore, the strength and durability of polyester DTY yarn are better than ordinary polyester fiber, and it is not easy to break and wear.

2. Good elasticity

Because the polyester DTY yarn has been stretched and deformed, it has good elasticity. Polyester DTY yarn can undergo large deformation when stressed, and the fiber can quickly return to its original shape after the stress is removed. This characteristic makes polyester DTY yarn have good resilience when made into fabric, which helps to improve the comfort and durability of clothing.

3. Strong wrinkle resistance

The molecular structure of polyester DTY is relatively regular and the molecules are closely arranged, so it has good wrinkle resistance. Compared with ordinary polyester fiber, clothes made of polyester DTY are crisper and less prone to wrinkles. During wearing and use, clothing can maintain better shape and texture.

4. Good heat resistance

The melting point of polyester DTY is relatively high, about 260°C. This means that during normal wear and use, polyester DTY yarn products will not melt or deform due to high temperatures. In addition, polyester DTY yarn also has good corrosion resistance and can be used and stored in various environments.

5. Wide range of uses

Because polyester DTY has the above advantages, its uses are very wide. In the field of home textiles, polyester DTY can be used to make high-end fabrics such as bed sheets, curtains, and sofa covers; in the field of clothing, polyester DTY can be used to make sweaters, coats, sportswear and other clothing; in the field of outdoor products, polyester DTY can be used to make Tents, sleeping bags and other supplies.

6. Expensive

Compared with ordinary polyester fiber, the price of polyester DTY yarn is relatively high. This is because its production technology is relatively complex, the processing process is relatively cumbersome, and the production cost is relatively high. Therefore, the price of polyester DTY yarn is more expensive than ordinary polyester fiber.

7. Good warmth retention

Because polyester DTY has better elasticity and can generate more air layers, its thermal insulation performance is better. In the cold winter, clothes and quilts made of polyester DTY can better keep warm and keep out the cold, improving people's comfort.

8. Good hygroscopicity

Although polyester is a synthetic fiber, it has better moisture absorption properties. In a humid environment, polyester DTY yarn can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment and evaporate it into the air, thus keeping the fabric dry and comfortable. This is especially beneficial during humid summers and rainy areas, helping people stay dry and comfortable.

9. Beautiful appearance

Because polyester DTY yarn has curling, fluffy and other effects, it can make the fabric more beautiful. When making home textiles and clothing, polyester DTY yarn can be blended or interwoven with other fibers to produce a more colorful appearance and satisfy consumers' pursuit of beauty.

To sum up, polyester DTY yarn has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, strong wrinkle resistance, good heat resistance, wide range of uses, expensive price, good warmth retention, good hygroscopicity and beautiful appearance. In the textile industry, polyester DTY yarn is a very important fiber material with wide application prospects and market potential. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that the performance and application fields of polyester DTY yarn will continue to expand and improve in the future.

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